Benefit event Sukiyaki do Bem reinvents itself to enable fundraising – Marcelo Katsuki

Sukiyaki do Bem, an event hosted annually by potter Hideko Honma, reaches its 14th edition in a new format. That year, “Sukiyaki” left the spacious halls of the Tivoli Mofarrej hotel to arrive at people’s homes, packed in a box containing all the items needed for their preparation. It is Caixa Magokoro, a Japanese name which combines two ideograms: “ma” (true, sincere) and “kokoro” (heart, devotion, intention “). Designer Flavia Sakai signs the design.

The box contains the ingredients needed to prepare Sukiyaki Ramen, a creation of Japanese ramen master Takeshi Koitani and the team at Jojo Lab.

He also brings a dessert created by chef Arnor Porto, a sake, items to prepare a drink, a discount voucher to be used in some São Paulo restaurants, a password to access exclusive content on the hot site of the event and, as it could not be missing, a piece of pottery produced by Hideko Honma – in addition to a chopstick rest.

The boxes cost R $ 500 each and are already for sale on the Mitiki website. Deliveries will be made between November 26 and December 12, to the address indicated at the time of purchase. The funds obtained will be donated to social assistance Dom José Gaspar – Ikoi no Sono and to the Capim Santo Institute. “This year, Sukiyaki do Bem is a more personal experience, at home, but it is linked to a broad bond of affection,” says Hideko Honma (photo).

Photo credit: Rafael Salvador / Disclosure

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