BBC journalist arrested during China lockdown protests

Chineses protestam contra política de Covid Zero adotada pelo governo comunista da China.

Chinese people protest against the Covid Zero policy adopted by the communist government of China.| Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

The BBC announced on Sunday ( ) that one of his journalists in China, who was covering the protests in Shanghai, was arrested and attacked by the police. “The BBC is very concerned about the way in which our journalist Ed Lawrence was treated, arrested and handcuffed while covering the protests,” a spokesperson for the group said in a statement sent to the AFP agency. According to this report, “the journalist was beaten by the police while working as a licensed journalist in the country”.

The UK Home Secretary, Grant Shapps, considered the violence suffered by the BBC by one of its journalists arrested in China while covering the protests in Shanghai to be “unacceptable” and “concerning”. against the regime’s Zero Covid policy. “Whatever happens, freedom of the press must be sacrosanct,” the minister said on private LBC radio.

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