Bankers' manifesto is a sign that capital has surrendered to Lula?

At the beginning of the week, bankers, big businessmen, celebrities, in short, that “beautiful people” you know from other carnivals, released a manifesto in defense of the Democratic State of Law. It is the old slogan that democracy is threatened by coup plotters, by distrust of the fairness of the elections and by attacks on institutions.

What draws attention in this manifesto is the presence , among the signatories, of an important portion of the Brazilian GDP. Which leads us to ask: has capital abandoned Bolsonaro and is it really willing to embark on the Argentineization plan for Brazil proposed by Lula and his team of economic flat-earthers?

The week was also marked by the monkey pox. The World Health Organization declared an emergency. And, here and there, news with that alarmist tone is already beginning to appear in the national press. Is there any chance that we will see the world reacting to monkeypox the same way it reacted to Covid-19? Or will reason, that science that is written with a capital “c”, prevail?

Finally, the columnists of Gazeta do Povo Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino will echo an article published by Gazeta do Povo: that pastors are being accused of homophobia (a non-bailable crime equated with racism) for refusing to celebrate same-sex marriages. Will religious freedom be respected? Or will we soon see priests forced to act contrary to their beliefs, all in the name of sexual equity?

The presentation of the episode 87 of the podcast O Papo É is by Paulo Polzonoff Jr.

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