Bandidolatry and the alleged relationship between PT and PCC (with Roberto Motta)

The issue of public security, and consequently, of crime, has been on the agenda for decades and was one of the propellers of Jair Bolsonaro’s victorious campaign in 2018 . After four years, what we see is a remarkable drop in crime rates. But, instead of celebrating, part of the Brazilian population complains about the access of honest citizens to weapons, as well as police lethality. It is the famous “law of the brothers” that you find every other day, in the headlines of some newspapers.

In recent days, the relationship between politics and organized crime, which seems to have hibernated in recent years, he has awakened from his beauty sleep with the accusations made by former messenger Marcos Valério that the PT and the criminal faction PCC maintain close ties. We will talk about this without saying much, even if, for legal reasons, we are forced to talk about an “alleged” PT-PCC relationship.

“The construction of evil: how the destruction of the Brazilian public security.” This is the title of the most recent book by engineer, writer, commentator, former secretary of state and public security activist Roberto Motta. It is not by chance that Motta is the guest of the episode 84 from the podcast O Papo É, with columnists from Gazeta do Povo Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino, and presented by Paulo Polzonoff Jr.

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