Aura Bora Net Worth: The Post-Shark Tank Journey of Aura Bora!!

Viewers of Shark Tank are aware that companies in the food and beverage industries rarely complete contracts. Many Sharks would rather avoid this intensely competitive market than compete with their current rivals for shelf space.

But, when amazing food or beverage products do hit the market, the Sharks can’t help but jump at the chance to be a part of them. Undoubtedly, it was the situation when Aura Bora made her broadcast debut in the show’s season 12.

The seltzer market was about to undergo a transformation thanks to Aura Bora, which positioned itself as a distinctive sparkling water brand produced from herbs, fruits, and flowers. Let’s take a look at what has transpired with Aura Bora after its Shark Tank appearance.

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What Is Aura Bora?

The beverage, according to Paul Voge and Maddie Voge, was made from a delectable mixture of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It is available in flavours like lavender cucumber, cactus rose, and peppermint watermelon.


The Sharks agreed that Aura Bora was great after tasting it. When Paul and Maddie Voge, a business couple, appeared on the show to market Aura Bora, they were ready to offer the Sharks a chance they couldn’t pass up. They had done their research, and their business had already begun to take off.

The Net Worth and Founders of Aura Bora 

The estimated value of Aura Bora is $20 million. The market value of Aura Bora is very high. As people like Aura Bora’s product, there is a great demand for it in the American sparkling water industry.

On the internet, this product is available in bulk; a case, which costs $30, contains 12 cans of Sparkling Water.


One of the co-founders of Aura Bora is the pair. The husband’s name is Paul Voge, and the wife’s name is Madeleine Voge. They co-founded this company.

Paul finished his political science undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. After graduating in 2019, Paul created Aura Bora Startup, where he currently holds the positions of co-founder and CEO.

Aura Bora: Post-Shark Tank Success and Growth

On the episode, Robert inked a contract with Aura Bora, and it was a big success. It also gathered 10,000+ fans after the show, and a tick verified it. The success of their company as a whole was a result of their partnership with Robert Herjevic.

It is reasonable to infer that the company has done well after it left Shark Tank. Their fan base has grown, and they have been successful in reaching deals with some renowned stores.


With the assistance of 7-11, Amazon, and other prominent marketers, it expanded from 500 to 1200 retail outlets. He made certain that their products were available at stores like Target and Walmart.

It has grown in appeal ever since it first started. Even after it was finalised, the agreement struck on the show continued to draw investors to the business. It has roughly $2 million in investments and was mentioned at a conference as being used for expanding the brand and hiring new personnel.

Moreover, D2C channels are a priority. Paul Voge expresses his gratitude to investors such as the artist Marley Williams, the actor Scott Eastwood, the consumer goods accelerator SKU, and the CPG-focused venture capital fund Balanced Breakfast.

It has a five-star rating on Amazon with a comment calling it the “Perfect Drink.” Customers appreciate this product and are willing to pay a premium for its unique flavour despite the fact that it is quite expensive.

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