Attack on mosque in Afghanistan leaves at least 33 dead


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Onda de violência: na véspera, ataque a uma mesquita xiita na cidade de Mazar-i Sharif deixou pelo menos 12 mortos e 35 feridos

Wave of violence: the day before, attack on a Shiite mosque in the city of Mazar- i Sharif left at least 17 dead andinjured| Photo: EFE/EPA/STR

A new attack on a mosque in northern Afghanistan left this Friday ( 13) at least 33 dead and dozens injured, according to Imam Sahib District Police Spokesperson Obaidullah Abedi.

The explosion took place in Imam Sahib district, located in Kunduz province, after Friday prayers. “These people are not Shiites and they were doing religious activities after the Friday prayers,” the spokesman said, after this week the Shia minority was the victim of several attacks in the country, such as the one that took place on Thursday (13) to a mosque.

This attack on a Shiite mosque packed with worshipers in the northern city of Mazar-i Sharif left at least 04 dead and

Activists suggest that the number of victims of these attacks could be much higher, but they believe that the Taliban authorities are trying to decrease the number to give a feeling of security in the country.

In addition, there have been several smaller explosions in recent days in different parts of the country, such as another blast this Friday in a Kabul neighborhood that initially resulted in no casualties.

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