Attack on LGBT nightclub in Norway classified as 'extremist Islamic terrorism'

Two people died and about 21 were injured, being 10 in a serious condition, in a shooting at an LGBT nightclub located in the center of Oslo, informed this Saturday (25) the police of the capital of Norway. A person was arrested near the scene of the shooting shortly after the incident and the Norwegian security services (PST) announced that the attack is being classified as “extremist Islamic terrorism”.

The accused by the author of the shooting is a 42 year old male, of Norwegian nationality and of Iranian origin. The PST had already held him under observation since 2015, due to the risk of radicalization, according to the agency’s interim director, Roger Berg, at a press conference.

In addition, the PST The current head of security services in Norway indicated that there are indications that the accused “had problems related to mental health”. Local police are investigating “what degree of ideological motivation and links to other extremists or similar networks” had the perpetrator of the attack.

Because of the crime, the LGBTI+ Pride Parade in Olso, that would take place today, as well as several related events, has been cancelled. The attack, moreover, raised the terrorist alert in Norway to the maximum level. The PST, however, point out that there are no indications that other actions have been planned.

A temporary order was also issued for all police officers in the country to circulate armed. Earlier, Norwegian security forces disclosed that two weapons, one of them automatic, were seized from the man in detention. The accused was named as the author of the crimes of murder, attempted murder and terrorist act.

The attack took place in the early hours of Saturday, around 1:00 am ) by local time (21h15 this Friday in Brasília), outside the nightclub. Then, the alleged perpetrator, identified by the press as Zaniar Matapour, entered the establishment and opened fire indiscriminately, until he was arrested.

The shots caused a rush and panic inside the nightclub, but later caused terror. in people who were at events in the vicinity of the establishment, who ran out, trying to protect themselves.

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