ATM Web Series OTT release date: When and where to watch this Telugu Crime Comedy starring VJ Sunny

A well-known filmmaker named Harish Shankar recently made the announcement that he will be transitioning into the role of producer and will work on the production of a web series with another well-known producer named Dil Raju. The production of the online series known as ATM began in April of the previous year, and the series was scheduled to premiere yesterday evening on Zee 5. This crime drama stars VJ Sunny and Divi Vadthya as the two main protagonists in the pivotal roles.

ATM Web Series OTT Release Date

VJ Sunny, Krishna Burugula, Ravi Raj, Prudhvi, Penmetsa Subbaraju, Roiel Shree, Divi, Divyavani, Shafi, Prithviraj Sukumaran, and Seth all play important parts in this eight-part series. This action-packed thriller about a heist will make its debut on ZEE5 on January 20, 2023.

“We are ecstatic to partner with the makers of AMT and platform a distinctive tale for our audience,” said the Chief Business Officer of ZEE5 India, Manish Kalra. This crime heist drama series will undoubtedly maintain our audience’s interest by incorporating elements of humour, excitement, suspense, and drama into its narrative. We at ZEE5 think that it is our responsibility to cater to the sensibilities of the audiences in each region while taking into account the varied cohorts and the tastes that they have. The ATM is a device that moves in the same general direction. The Andhra Pradesh and Telangana region gave us a very positive response the year before, and we will make every effort to maintain that level of support.

When and Where to Watch ATM Web Series

You can watch this crime comedy series on Zee5 on January 20, 2023. “As a director, I have always believed that this genre—heist drama series—has a lot of opportunity to explore,” said Harish Shankar, the showrunner for the series. The portrayal of mysterious crooks in ATM will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie. What sets it apart is its dexterous screenplay of over-dramatic scenes and sentimentalities. Without giving away too much, I’d describe it as an ambitious attempt to combine comedy with an unrelenting game of cat and mouse. With ZEE5 onboard, we are confident the series will be watched by a large audience and enjoyed as well.”

What’s the story of ATM

We meet four young people from the slums of Hyderabad who are savvy about life on the streets through the course of this narrative. They had been making a living through small theft until they found themselves caught up in a robbery case, which propelled them to the top of the police wanted list almost immediately. They engage in relatively minor cons on a regular basis; but, after one of their cons fails, they are forced to rob a cash van belonging to a bank. What steps are taken after this? The key to their survival and their path to atonement is the journey that they take throughout this narrative.

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Every day, India is home to a dozen con artists who try their luck at ripping off local banks. It is easy to fall victim to them at times, especially if they pretend to be bank officials and ask you for personal information so that they may verify it. No matter who is on the other end of the line, you should never, under any circumstances, give out any vital passwords, PINs, or other account information while you are on the phone. ATM brings to light the following reality: young people prey on the technologically illiterate, who are unable to defend themselves effectively. What are the repercussions of their participation in a major theft? Have they been wrongfully implicated in the crime? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out.

Cast & Crew of ATM Web Series

The show features a cast of intriguing individuals. A number of well-known actors, such as Krishna Burugula, Prudhvi Raj, Subbaraju, VJ Sunny, and Divi Vadthya, are featured in the cast. The main character, Burugula, is taking centre stage while the other characters play supporting roles.

ZEE5, which is the most popular home-grown video streaming site in India, began the new year by revealing their upcoming Telugu original film, which would be titled ATM. In the eight episodes of the series, which were directed by Chandra Mohan C and produced by Dil Raju Productions, significant roles were played by VJ Sunny, Krishna Burugula, Ravi Raj, Prudhvi, Roiel Shree, Divi, Divyavani, Shafi, Prithviraj Sukumaran, and Seth. This action-packed thriller about a heist will make its debut on ZEE5 on January 20, 2023.

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VJ Sunny, who just won the fifth season of Big Boss Telugu, is making his digital debut with ATMN. Together with Samyuktha, he competed in the 2018 season of the dancing competition reality show ‘Dance Jodi Dance.’ In 2021, he was cast in the leading role of the Telugu movie “Sakala Gunabhi Rama.”

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ATM will be the platform on which VJ Sunny, who just won the fourth season of Big Boss Telugu, will make his digital debut. During the 2018 season of the dance competition reality show ‘Dance Jodi Dance,’ he participated in the competition alongside Samyuktha. It was in 2021 when he was given the part of the main protagonist in the Telugu film Sakala Gunabhi Rama.

Penmetsa Subbaraju is a well-known actor in Indian cinema, primarily working in the Telugu film industry but also in the Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi film industries. Subbaraju has appeared in a wide range of roles, including those of antagonists and supporting characters. The works Amma Nanna O’ Tamil Ammayi, Arya, Pokiri, Leader.

According to the film’s producer, Harshith Reddy, the concept of ATM was initially conceived by Harish Shankar garu. He told us a story of four young people who were involved in petty thefts and how they were cornered by some strong people who forced them to pull off a multi-crore heist in order for them to stay alive. Have they managed to pull off the robbery successfully? Is the only reason they did it that they wanted to preserve their life, or did they have other motivations? When it comes to their guilt or innocence, what will the legal system and society decide? The narrative contains a shockingly high number of such layers. We found the idea to be quite intriguing, and it possesses all of the hallmark characteristics of Harish Shankar, which fans adore.

Then, when we required someone who could narrate this narrative on screen in the best possible way, Harish garu proposed the name Chandra Mohan to us, and we gave him the job of telling this story. Since then, we have been able to convey this story in the best possible way. After that, we were looking for the appropriate OTT platform to get ATM on board, and then Zee5 offered to work together with us on this project. We have been paying close attention to the over-the-top (OTT) content that is available throughout India and comparing it to what is taking place in the Telugu OTT arena. We came to the conclusion that there is an opportunity for us to develop something that will alter the processes that are used in the production of Telugu OTT content, and ATM is going to do just that.

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