At UN, Zelensky calls for special court to judge Russia and criticizes countries that adopt neutrality

In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, asked this Wednesday (21) that countries set a price ceiling for oil and gas Russians and that a special UN court be created to judge Russia.

According to the Ukrainian leader, the country ruled by Vladimir Putin should also be deprived of its right of veto in the organization’s Security Council .

Regarding the first measure, Zelensky argued that energy exports have financed the Russian war effort in Ukraine, in the invasion that began in February. “Limiting prices is protecting the world. But will the world accept it? Or will you be scared?”, he said, in a video message broadcast at the assembly in New York.

Regarding the third request, the Ukrainian president cited Brazil when asking for a reformulation of the UN. “There is an imbalance when Africa, Latin America, most of Asia, Central and Eastern Europe agree to the right of veto, which they themselves never had. And that’s what Ukraine is talking about. And have you heard Russia talk about it? But she is a permanent member of the Security Council. For some reason. For some reason, it’s not Japan and Brazil, not Turkey or India, not Germany or Ukraine. The day will come when this will be resolved,” he said.

The Ukrainian president cited the threat posed by Russian attacks in Ukraine’s nuclear power plant region and the discovery of hundreds of bodies in a mass grave in Izyum. , in the east of the country, after the departure of Russian troops. He also condemned the referendums that will be held starting this week in regions occupied by the Kremlin to be annexed by Russia.

Zelensky criticized countries that have not supported Ukraine, arguing that “those who speak of Neutrality mean something else. “They pretend to protect someone, but in reality they are only protecting their own interests”, he fired.

Finally, the Ukrainian president argued that he is willing to negotiate peace with Russia, but on condition that that Ukraine’s territorial integrity is ensured. And he made fun of the fact that Russia announced this Wednesday the mobilization of 300 a thousand reservists and threatened to use nuclear weapons to “defend” its territory.

“They talk about negotiations, but announce a military mobilization. They talk about negotiations, but they announce pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories”, he criticized, arguing that Ukraine is prepared for “a true, honest and just peace – that’s why the world is on our side”.

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