At the White House, Biden and Macron clash over dialogue with Putin



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Presidente americano disse que só falaria com o russo se ele manifestasse intenção de encerrar a guerra, enquanto francês afirmou que conversará com Putin nos próximos dias


The American president said that he would only talk to the Russian if he expressed his intention to end the war, while the Frenchman said he would talk to Putin in the coming days| Photo: EFE/EPA/SHAWN THEW

At a press conference shortly after meeting at the White House, the presidents of the United States , Joe Biden, and from France, Emmanuel Macron, disagreed this Thursday (1st) about talking to Russian Vladimir Putin about the war in Ukraine.

The two Western heads of state criticized the Kremlin-led invasion and reiterated humanitarian support and military to the Ukrainians, but they didn’t agree about talking to Moscow. Biden stated that he “has no immediate plans” to get in touch with Putin and that he would only speak with the Russian leader if he expressed his intention to end the war.

“He just miscalculated, in general,” Biden claimed of Putin. “And so the question is… how is he going to get out of these circumstances? I am prepared, if he is willing to talk, to find out what he is willing to do, but I will only do so in consultation with my NATO allies. I will not do this alone.”

Macron, who had told an American broadcaster that he intends to speak with the Russian president in the coming days, said at the White House press conference that this conversation will take place when Ukraine establishes the conditions for a peace agreement .

6279“We want to build peace and a sustainable peace means full respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, but at the same time a new arrangement to ensure that we have a sustainable peace in the long term”, said the French president.

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