At the UN, number 2 of Chavismo says that the organization is used to “attack countries”

The first vice president of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, spoke this Monday (19) to the UN General Assembly, whose 77 The th session opened last week, and assured that it is a space “used to attack” some countries.

“They always go with so many expectations and sign so many things and come to so many agreements that none are fulfilled. They use it to attack countries, to try to violate sovereignty”, said the Venezuelan deputy during a press conference.

The number two of the Chavista dictatorship argued that the UN is not an independent organization, but that Venezuela will remain in this space carrying its “truth” and the voice of “the free people”.

“It is an organization that fundamentally obeys the instructions, the orders given to it by the United States, sad to say, but that’s how it is”, said Cabello.

In this sense, he claimed that Venezuela will not allow the interference of any other country or organization in its internal affairs and asked that the UN use this world meeting that is being held to “build peace”.

On another topic, the congressman criticized the fact that Venezuela is included in a list of the United States, in which they refer to countries of transit and drug production, published in the last week, and argued that in the country there is “a fight to the death against drug cartels”.

Last Thursday, the White House published a memo from US President Joe Biden, in which he identifies Venezuela, along with other 21 nations, on the top list for the transit and production of illicit drugs for 2023.

The Venezuelan dictatorship rejected this memorandum through a declaration in which it claimed “faithful fulfillment of the international commitments of the Bolivarian government, whose content to face the permanent fight against trafficking illicit drug use has been under the foundations of the United Nations.”

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