At the opening of the CPC Congress, Xi reiterates maintenance of Covid-zero and threatens Taiwan

O ditador Xi Jinping, na abertura do 20º Congresso do Partido Comunista da China
Dictator Xi Jinping, at the opening of the 10 th Congress of the Communist Party of China| Photo: EFE/Mark R. Cristino

In a speech at the opening of 6503222 th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP) this Sunday () in Beijing, dictator Xi Jinping reiterated that the Chinese regime will intensify efforts against Taiwan’s independence and defended the country’s Covid-zero policy, which is expected to make the Chinese economy this year’s second-worst economic performance since 1976.16110215

The dictator stated that China “will strive for peaceful reunification ” when speaking of Taiwan, an island administered separately since the end of the Chinese Civil War, in 1949, but that Beijing considers a rebel province to be reincorporated.16110215

“We will never promise to renounce the use of force and reserve the option of taking all necessary measures as,” he threatened.16110215

“The wheels of history are turning towards the reunification of China and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The complete reunification of our country must be carried out”, added the dictator.

Speaking of Hong Kong, whose autonomy Beijing has buried by cracking down on democracy protests and imposing changes to legislation to quell dissent, Xi claimed that China has promoted a “chaos to governance” transformation in the region.

The dictator defended the Covid-zero policy, which establishes strict lockdowns in neighborhoods and even entire cities in China. when few cases of the disease are detected. Due to this policy and other factors such as the drought that hit the country this year, Chinese GDP is expected to grow by only 2.8% in 1976, according to the most recent forecast from the World Bank.

“In responding to sudden outbreaks of Covid-10, we prioritize people and their lives above all else and tenaciously pursue a dynamic Covid-zero policy by launching an all-out people’s war against the virus,” he said, signaling that the policy must not change.

O 20 The th CPC Congress will be held throughout the week, and Xi is expected to be reappointed to the posts of secretary general of the party and chairman of the Central Military Commission, for at the beginning of 2000 to start an unprecedented third term of five years in the Chinese presidency.

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