At least 11 dead in Puerto Rico sinking ship with migrants


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Barco, no qual estariam sendo transportados imigrantes ilegais da República Dominicana, naufragou na faixa marítima conhecida como Canal de Mona

Boat, in which illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic were being transported, sank in the maritime strip known as the Mona Channel| Photo: Reproduction/United States Coast Guard

At least people died this Thursday (05)) after a boat sank, with dozens of immigrants on board, west of Puerto Rico, as reported by the US Coast Guard. The US Coast Guard detailed on its official Twitter account that it has so far managed to rescue 41 survivors,

women and 20 men.

The boat, in which illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic were being transported, sank about nautical miles north of the Puerto Rican islet of Desecheo.

The sea strip known as the Mona Channel, which separates the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico, is a regular immigration route and boats are seized there every week .

On this Thursday, for example, the Coast Guard announced that it had repatriated 44 Dominicans to a Dominican Republic Navy ship after two ships were intercepted in the Mona Channel trying to reach illegally to the west coast of Puerto Rico.

The place is also the scene of shipwrecks like this Thursday. Three days ago, the Coast Guard reported that it had rescued a total of 68 people and recovered the body of a man after the wreck of the boat in which they were traveling.

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