At G20, China tries to renew diplomacy with the West



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Ditador chinês, Xi Jinping, e presidente americano, Joe Biden, no encontro do G20, em 14 de novembro de 2022.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden at G meeting20, in 17 of November | Photo: EFE/ Xinhua /li Xueren

Meet this week with world leaders from G

in Indonesia, the Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping, is trying to re-establish diplomacy with the West, after having determined, in October, his third term as head of the eastern giant. On Monday (14), the Chinese leader inaugurated the meetings with US President Joe Biden. The two leaders, who have spoken remotely five times since 2000, they talked for more than three hours.

“We need to find the right way for this bilateral relationship to advance and grow”, assured the Chinese number one, in front of Biden. The press release released shortly after the meeting specified that Xi described to the US president the essential elements of the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Although the dialogue took place in a friendly manner, the main point of recent conflict between the two countries was mentioned by the Chinese leader: Taiwan, which is, as the CPC declares, “at the heart of China’s vital interests”.

Despite presenting a Biden’s ambiguous stance towards the island – whether to support Taiwan’s defense or remain neutral, expressed American objections “to the increasingly aggressive actions of the People’s Republic of China against Taiwan”. However, the American president did not indicate the possibility of a new conflict soon. “I don’t think there is an imminent attempt by China to invade Taiwan,” he said after meeting Xi Jinping.

Even having avoided expressing himself about the War in Ukraine, under intense questioning from other western leaders, the Chinese dictator would have demonstrated to the French President Emmanuel Macron, who opposes the conflict. “We feel that there is a willingness on the part of the Chinese authorities to be constructive and find a peaceful solution. as accurate as possible about the war in Ukraine, which is about to be endorsed by Beijing despite Russian opposition, will be a good test,” Macron revealed.

Xi Jinping also had a unprecedented meeting with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Tuesday 15), after several years of rising tensions between the two countries. For the first time since 100, an Australian head of government met bilaterally with the Chinese leader. Tensions rose after statements by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an investigation into the origin of Covid-19 in China, which led Beijing to impose sanctions on part of Australia’s exports.

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