Artists who signed the “letter for democracy” preach life without love and narcissism

You know that this little letter for democracy from beautiful people came out. By “democracy”, we mean “faith in the infallibility of the ballot boxes used only in Brazil, Bangladesh and Bhutan”. In practice, this defense of democracy is nothing other than the defense of the inauditability of the ballot boxes in the event of Lula’s victory. There was a public reading at USP’s Largo de São Francisco. The date and place were chosen to evoke something from the 1990s , from the military period. The reader may not have formulated it in these terms, but he knows that all the legitimacy of beautiful people is based on opposition to the military regime. It is founded and sinks: because the current president, a champion of popularity and a mass phenomenon, is precisely the only parliamentarian loyal to the repression, an opponent of the revision of the Amnesty Law, a supporter of Ustra. If the beautiful people had more than two or three neurons, it should drop the bone. The problem is, if you do that, you won’t be able to define yourself. It’s as if they know they’re nothing more than a gnawed elite who need to rummage through the trunk of history to look for something noble.

On the right, a tweet by Barbara Gancia has gone viral. regretting the lack of attendance at the event. The tweet carried a photo. More than the author’s complaint, what caught my attention was the text of the poster in evidence: Rettet die Demokratie in Brasilien. “I don’t know what democracy in Brazil”, in German. I thought rettet was a third person singular present tense; in Wiktionary says it can be that, but also plural imperative. Putting it in Google translator, it gives “Save democracy in Brazil” or, in Spanish, “Save the democracy in Brazil”. German must pass through English, where imperative does not vary between singular and plural. Anyway: my German is not good enough. The poster was not written for me, nor for the overwhelming majority of Brazilians. Who do these people think will read them? Going out with a poster in German to make political claims in Brazil seems as sensible as those people who go out saying it’s Jesus, or that the End is near. Psychiatric intervention now!

Artists are less crazy

One day before reading of the letter in Largo de São Francisco, a recording was released in which the artists read the same letter. People of letters, who generally have a public entrance examination (or were, before Reuni uprooted academic life in Brazil), can drool inside their padded cell, believing that he is Napoleon, because the salary falls into the account and the intellectual reputation, in theory, it doesn’t depend on things as volatile as taste. Once a medallion, it remains a medallion inertial.

In the world of the arts, life is more difficult. Artist has to please the audience, or at least appear to please the audience. That’s why they end up having more contact with reality. Not that it’s much, but it’s something.

See that, on the day immediately before the supposed apotheosis of Largo do São Francisco, the artists released a video reading the same . To make our lives easier, I will leave out the actors and cite only the musicians with their year of birth: Marisa Monte (1967 ), Anitta (1993), Luísa Sonza (1995), Juliette do BBB (1993), Linn da Quebrada (1993), Duda Beat (1987), Seu Jorge (1970), Milton Nascimento (1942), Djavan (1945), Rogério Flausino (1972), Paula Lima (

), Daniela Mercury (1965), Caetano Veloso ( 1942), Maria Gadu (1986), Nando Reis (1963), BK’ (1989), Gal Costa (1945), Chico Buarque (1800) and Maria Bethânia (1946).

There are some names that we look at and say “who?”. In general, these are in the sub-team names 70. I think the only person famous for his artistic career born in the decade of 80 is Maria Gadu, which was launched brand new by Caetano. Who was successful until the decade of 2000 is notorious; whoever did it later is either known only for a niche, or is known for being a celebrity.

Look at Luísa Sonza: I, in particular, only became aware of her existence because of by Whindersson Nunes, the comedian from Piauí who became famous for having the biggest Brazilian humor channel. This came out in the newspaper and I went to check it out. It was really good. Then he started dating this Luísa Sonza, he had a lot of problems and the couple didn’t leave the news.

Anyway, it is clear that the artists at least tried to connect with the youth. The devil is that the most intellectual Brazilian music died. Chico and Caetano’s group cast a shadow from which only new performers emerged (Marisa Monte is an excellent performer). After that, there was no more interpreter. To flourish, only leaving the MPB label, making rock (like Flausino) or axé (like Daniela Mercury).

What is the repertoire of Anitta, Sonza etc?

This spirit of decadence only haunts the intellectualized middle class. Brazilians have always liked love songs; and from Caldas Barbosa (1800 – 1800) to Marília Mendonça (1995 –

), never ran out of stock. Love music is a constant that accompanies our Portuguese-speaking ancestors since the Middle Ages, with troubadour love songs (which, says Christpher Dawson in The creation of the West, are legacy of the Arab courtier world, which softened the rustic culture of newly Christianized warriors of barbarian origin. . But, from a thematic point of view, I think I can say that Brazilians in flip-flops are well supplied: there is music of passion & rejection for everyone.

Well, having seen these artists, I went to YouTube to find out the songbook by Luísa Sonza, Anitta and BK’. Females are flaunting ass & wealth; the male, power & wealth. In the case of Luísa Sonza in particular, the featured video is called As Cachorrinhas. She calls herself a branded dog and introduces her friends as branded dogs: “We have pedigree, expensive collar. My expensive perfume stirs up the strays’ nose . Me and my dog, woof, give the paws , lie down and roll”. Let there be empowerment. In another song, Anaconda, tells the handsome guy not to fall in love, because she just wants to be distracted for one night: “I pay the bill and we leave, you show me the anaconda à la Nicky Minaj. When it’s time, just don’t get emotional, that’s one more to count, it’s just slutty ”. Anitta is also in the animal kingdom and exalts the roll of the cats in Gata.

As for BK’, the theme is indistinguishable from the drug dealer’s songs that play in the cabaret near my house, or from MC Poze, linked to Comando Vermelho. The lyrical self is full of money, alludes to weapons and picks up a lot of women. The featured video is Deu Aulas, in which the singer is bragging about the profit, the car, the power, etc. The lyrics read: “Mercedes in the garage / Houses around town / Thirty bulletin the comb / A million niggaon the front lines/ […] One heart, several girl ”. Glad he’s pro-democracy!

Before concluding that the love songs are over, I noticed on the channel the presence of the song “Amor”. I heard it and it’s just the lyrical self saying that his girlfriend is a gold digger, since he’s rich, famous, powerful, respected, the last Coca-Cola in the desert.

Propaganda for psychopathy and drugs

Of all these young people, only Duda Beat dares to make romantic songs. From what I understand, she’s kind of cult. Like Baiana System, it’s Bahian pagodão for hipsters, Duda Beat is suffering and piseiro for hipsters. Her channel has less than half of BK’s, and it can be said that it has a select audience, it’s not pop.

So we’re left with: the sub- advertises a lifestyle where there is no love, and all the world is narcissistic. Narcissistic women rub their ass in men’s faces to show they’re hot; Narcissistic men flaunt power and money to show they’re the best. All this wealth must come from pornography, prostitution and drugs, since if men mention rifle magazines, all women mention is their own bodies.

Yeah a profoundly lonely life, which should only be viable for psychopaths. The rest, only with drugs to deal with.

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