Argentine president pays “reparation” of 1.4 million pesos per party during the pandemic

O presidente da Argentina, Alberto Fernández, fala durante coletiva de imprensa na Casa Rosada, em abril de 2022.

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández speaks during a press conference at Casa Rosada in April 2022.| Photo: EFE/ Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

8014316247001 8014316247001The prosecutor investigating the anniversary celebration held at the Argentine presidential residence in July , when a quarantine was in effect due to the covid pandemic-19, accepted donations offered by the country’s president, Alberto Fernández, and his partner, Fabiola Yáñez, to close the case, judicial sources confirmed to Agência Efe.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Dominguez, from the 2nd Federal Public Ministry of San Isidro, considered it “reasonable” the donation of 1.6 million pesos (R$ 59,5 mil) proposed by Fernández, which has yet to be approved by the judge in the case. The donation is considered an economic “integral reparation” – provided for in the article 40, paragraph 6 of the Argentine Penal Code.

The First Lady , in turn, offered the amount of 1.4 million pesos (R$ 380 thousand), and with that the proposal of the presidential couple is a total donation of 3 million pesos (R$ 128, 5 thousand).

The amount offered by the president is equivalent to 40 days of intensive care treatments in the country, and that of Fabiola Yáñez, 35 days. The donations are also equivalent to the purchase of a respirator each, according to prosecutors. The Argentine president proposed that the equipment be donated to the Malbran Institute.

8014316247001The The scandal came to light last year, on the eve of legislative elections, when photos of Yáñez’s birthday party at Olivos’ presidential residence in Buenos Aires were leaked. At the time, the country was undergoing a period of quarantine to avoid contagions by covid-. As a result, a judicial investigation was opened into the alleged violation of health restrictions. The president, Yáñez and nine guests were charged.

The initial complaint was presented by two opposition activists in July 2021, when the record of visits to the presidential residence during the strict quarantine was released, and it was enlarged after the release of the photos of the first lady’s birthday.

Also Videos of the celebration were revealed, showing the president and his partner celebrating the anniversary without wearing masks and without social distancing.

After the photos were released, Fernández apologized, acknowledged that the social gathering “shouldn’t have happened” and went to court, where he argued that it was a “crime of abstract danger” and that “there was no affectation of the legal right to public health”.

The controversy had an impact on the president’s public image in the run-up to the elections. September primaries, which defined the candidates for the November legislative elections.


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