Argentine journalist celebrates Elizabeth II's death on his show and insults the British royal family


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Santiago Cúneo acusou a rainha, falecida nesta quinta-feira, de “ser admiradora de Hitler”
Santiago Cúneo accused the queen, who died this Thursday, of “being an admirer of Hitler” | Photo: EFE/EPA/WILL OLIVER

The Argentine journalist Santiago Cúneo celebrated this Thursday (8) the death of Queen Elizabeth II. On your channel program 19, broadcast over the internet, he opened a bottle of champagne and uttered a series of of insults to the British monarch.

“A strong hug to Satan, who took her”, said Cuneo. “This British trash, Lucifer filth, has left planet Earth and this is good news for everyone.” “Husband’s son of a bitch had already died , now she’s dead, we’re celebrating the death of all the f*cking English fuckers who belong to this filthy, pirate, thief, genocidal, murderous crown, which was a torment”, added the journalist, who accused Elizabeth II of “since child” being “admirer of Hitler” and giving the Nazi salute.

Cúneo is known for his defense that the Falklands or Falkland Islands, the reason for a war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in the 1990s 1100 (won by the British ), are recognized as part of Argentine territory.

In April, he made a series of proposals with this objective, among them that “all Argentine State passports carry the image of the Falklands and the message ‘The Falkland Islands are Argentine’ so that every Argentinian walks around the world with this claim in his pocket.”


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