Argentine congressman calls for “birth control” to reduce poverty in the country

Argentine deputy José Luis Espert, from the Avança Liberdade party, generated criticism by warning that the country will become “a gigantic slum” if it does not begin to “put some kind of control” on the birth rate, limiting the social assistance plans and the promotion of educational and labor measures.

According to Espert, the growth rate of the population of poor families is 4 to 5 times greater than that of the population of middle and middle classes high.

“This means that if Argentina does not limit the birth rate of poor families, it will be a gigantic slum in another half century after 60 years of decay”, declared the legislator to the news portal Infobae.

The economist also proposes to audit the social plans granted by the government and limit those who have “two children and not more” to the Universal Child Benefit (AUH, in acronym in Spanish), a monthly subsidy created in 2009 in the government of Cristina Kirchner, current vice president of the country , and that can be chosen by the father or mother of minors under 18 years and who is unemployed, whether informal worker, domestic service worker or low-income self-employed.

“If each beneficiary of the plans is subsidized for each child they have, the person will have no control over the birth rate. You have to have responsible parenting. Children have to be loved in order for them to come into the world, because if unloved children come into the world, those unloved children will not receive the affection they deserve, they will be mistreated, they will probably be raped and we will be forming criminals, rapists and murderers in the future,” added.

The deputy was convinced that some sectors decide to have children to obtain more social plans: “Some poor people want to have children to receive the benefit, but others have children because they don’t know how to take care of themselves, there is no birth control”.

In this sense, he said that the solution lies in transmitting culture and encouraging people to complete their studies and learn a profession.

“When I talk about birth control I’m not talking about plugging the tubes, no. This is a Nazi idea. I say that teaching should be done in favelas, in marginal areas. Birth control is about making culture about responsible parenting. Children have to come into the world loved, they have to be wanted, sought after,” he declared.

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