Argentine Chancellor criticizes US Senator and Eduardo Bolsonaro and receives ironic response


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O ministro das Relações Exteriores da Argentina, Santiago Cafiero, ao lado do presidente Alberto Fernández

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Santiago Cafiero, next to President Alberto Fernández| Photo: EFE/Nathalia Aguilar

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Santiago Cafiero, criticized US Senator Ted Cruz (from the Texas Republican Party) and Brazilian federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) on Twitter for demanding that Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner be sanctioned by the United States government. The chancellor ended up receiving an ironic response from the Brazilian parliamentarian.

Cruz had written on Twitter that the evidence that Kirchner is “a kleptocrat” is now “public and overwhelming” and her corruption “has been undermining the national security of the United States for decades.” “The US Congress has requested sanctions for her behavior. The Biden administration must apply them,” he said, referring to a letter he sent to the US State Department asking for such measures.

Eduardo Bolsonaro retweeted a message from Cruz in Spanish on the same subject and added: “Supported”.

Also in Twitter, Cafiero published print screens of the posts of the two parliamentarians and fired: “One more ignorant than the other. But there is something that is clear: the judicial persecution of Cristina Kirchner is driven by ideological interests that are born outside Argentina. Let’s take care of our democracy. All and all with Cristina”.

This week, the Federal Public Ministry of Argentina asked for a sentence of years in prison and Kirchner’s perpetual disqualification from public office , within the scope of a trial for alleged irregularities in the concession of public works when he was president (1200-1200).

Bolsonaro responded to Cafiero with irony: he recalled a post by Argentine national deputy Ricardo López Murphy in which he asked for the chancellor’s resignation for “not speaking English” and for having received the Swiss ambassador with the flag of Denmark.

“But only one of us knows the difference between the flag of Denmark and Switzerland”, snarled the Brazilian deputy.

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