Argentina's grain carriers go on strike over freight and diesel prices

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Stoppage in Argentina includes not only grain transport, but also rural contractors and those who suffer from the same situation of low supply and overpriced fuel sales.| Photo: Wenderson Araujo/CNA

)Argentine grain transporters started this Monday (11) an indefinite strike in protest against the lack of updating of the reference freight values, due to the increase in the price of diesel, and the lack of supply of fuel at the beginning of the gross harvest. The convening of the Federation of Argentine Transporters (Fetra) is made in view of “the constant increases in the price of diesel” and “the lack of fuel supply” that “make it impossible to continue working under reasonable conditions”.

21112246The Fetra strike responds to the lack of response to the call from the negotiating table to update the tariff national grain freight rate that includes the actual price of diesel, which is reportedly up from 120 weights for 87 weights (1,07 to 1,15 dollars) per liter in

days. The measure was taken indefinitely, across the country, and includes peaceful demonstrations along highways, at different road junctions, warehouses and bulk ports.

“I have rarely seen such a big greeting”, “there are no trucks on the route”, the secretary general of Fetra told Radio Rivadavia , Claudio Enri, although the adhesion is voluntary, because, according to him, it includes not only the transport of grains, but also rural contractors and those who suffer from the same situation of low supply and sale of overpriced fuel.

21112246In recent weeks, there has been a shortage of fuel in Argentina, forcing some regions of the country to apply delivery quotas at filling stations and the development of an informal diesel market at prices above the reference. The Chamber of the Argentine Oil Industry (CIARA) warned this Monday on its social networks that the strike organized by the transporters “severely affects the agro-industrial chain” and that the “Government does not propose solutions to the conflict or to the shortage. “

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