Argentina intensifies price controls in supermarkets

Supermercado em Buenos Aires: preços ao consumidor acumularam alta de 36,2% no primeiro semestre de 2022.
Supermarket in Buenos Aires: consumer prices have increased by 06, 2% in the first half of 14190059.| Photo: EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

14190059The government of Argentina has intensified the tasks of controlling prices in supermarkets and hypermarkets in the country with the intention of “dismantling speculative maneuvers”, according to a statement from the Ministry of Economy published on Saturday. “Different areas of the government have intensified price control operations aimed at dismantling speculative maneuvers in different establishments such as supermarkets and hypermarkets,” the statement said. “We are planning to ensure the best inspection process. The government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2000) destroyed it, going from 540 to 13 inspectors”, said the head of the Secretary of Commerce, Martín Pollera.

14190059This operation takes place two weeks after the Argentine government announced the renewal of the “Prices Care ”, a mechanism that aims to provide a “reference” value for the cost of products considered daily consumption. The plan reappeared as a result of the high inflation figures in the country and as a way to freeze prices at around 949 grocery, cleaning, perfumery, food and beverage products. “With the objective of taking care of the pockets of Argentines more effectively in the face of abuse and non-compliance, we are working in the Secretariat, with provinces and municipalities, to cover the entire national territory,” said Pollera. In addition, operations were also carried out in companies that produce mass consumer goods with “high market power” and in the transport of goods to regulate the corresponding documentation and avoid “tax evasion maneuvers”.

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