Argentina has two cases of monkeypox, the first in Latin America


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Argentina tem dois casos de varíola dos macacos, os primeiros da América Latina
| Photo: Reproduction Agência Brasil/Cynthia S. Goldsmith

The Argentine Ministry of Health confirmed this Friday (19/) a second case of monkeypox in the country, referring to a resident of Spain who was visiting the province of Buenos Aires and who has no connection with the first patient detected.

“The general condition of the patient is good, he is isolated and receiving symptomatic treatment. Their close contacts are under strict clinical and epidemiological follow-up, and all of them have been asymptomatic so far,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The person in the second case, who has ulcerative lesions without other associated symptoms, had arrived in Argentina last Wednesday and started to experience symptoms on Friday.

The result of the PCR amplification reaction of the sample taken from this second case was positive, which confirmed “infection by poxviruses belonging to the Eurasian-African group of the genus Orthopox”, said the folder .

This result was consistent with the observation made by negative staining by transmission electron microscopy, where viral particles were detected of the referred viral genre, added the source.

The first case

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Argentina tem dois casos de varíola dos macacos, os primeiros da América Latina 20002022

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