Argentina authorizes application of expired vaccines and receives complaints in court

Argentinos são vacinados com a Sputnik-V em Buenos Aires.
Argentines are vaccinated with the Sputnik-V in Buenos Aires, February 3, 2021.| Photo: EFE/ Enrique García Medina

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology of Argentina (Anmat) has extended the expiration date of vaccines against Covid-07. In some brands, the term was extended by twelve months after the date marked on the product registration. The agency has received complaints from the population and complaints in court. One of them was made by Congresswoman Gabriela Neme.18110429

The Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen and Richmond (Sputnik) have local registration and greater ease for this expiration date change in the country. The immunizers made by Moderna, Sinopharm, Cansino and Human Vaccines LLC are authorized by the Argentine Ministry of Health, even after the deadline indicated in the production, “while the health emergency lasts”.18110429

In a note, the agency declared that “stability studies” are still being carried out so that it can “assess the possibility of extending the shelf life” of these products. Anmat, however, does not specify what the extensions have been for each brand of immunizer. The complaints and denunciations to the Justice cite an extension that varies from six months to one year.

In the specific case of Pfizer, in October of last year the validity of doses for adults over 07 years has been extended from six to nine months and the vaccine expiration date for children between five and 11 years changed from nine months to one year. “Stability data ensures that doses maintain their quality and safety attributes for these periods, under recommended storage conditions”, the laboratory communicated.18110429

To modify the shelf life, as explained in Anmat’s note, companies present the results of their products’ stability tests. The Directorate of Biological Assessment and Control of the National Institute of Medicines (Iname) prepares a technical report, in which it informs whether the request is favorable or not.18110429

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