Annapurna Photo Studio OTT release date: When and where to watch this romantic comedy drama starring Chaitanya Rao Madadi, Lavanya Sahukara

Recently, the Telugu movie Annapurna Photo Studio was released in theatres. The film stars Chaitanya Rao and Lavannya Sahukara, who are both known for their performances in the television show 30 Weds 21. In addition to Chendu Muddu serving as the film’s director, Mihirah Gurupadappa plays an important part in the movie. The movie has now played its final showing in theatres. The advertisements for the upcoming village drama, Annapurna Photo Studio, have generated a reasonable amount of interest among viewers. The film also received positive feedback for the unique method in which it depicted the simple ways of life and mentalities of those who live in rural areas.

Annapurna Photo Studio OTT Release Date

Annapurna Photo Studio is all set to be premiered on 15 August 2023 on ETV Win.

The majority of Lavanya’s fame stems from her short films such as “True” and her most recent film, “Assistant Director,” which was a huge success. In 2019, she starred as the main character in a film titled “Undiporade.”

She has taken a significant sabbatical and is now working on this movie. She expressed how pleased she is about this movie and how her appearance in the film will be significantly different from that of other actresses when the concept poster was unveiled.

In an exclusive report, we at OTTplay shared the news that ETV Win had paid a hefty sum to acquire the over-the-top (OTT) rights to the film. Because the movie did not do well in the box office, the producers were able to save a significant amount of money thanks to a profitable arrangement.

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ETV has acquired the rights to broadcast the movie through satellite in addition to the over-the-top (OTT) rights. The creators are pretty pleased with the amount of money that they were able to make from these rights.

When and Where to Watch Annapurna Photo Studio

You can watch this romantic comedy-drama on ETV Win from 15 August 2023.

The box office failure that was Chendu Muddu’s debut feature film, “E Cinema Superhit Guarantee,” was released in 2015. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally produced a comedy called “O Pitta Katha,” in which Viswanth had a starring role. However, he is currently working on a wonderful movie that will be titled “Annapurna Photo Studio.”

He described it as a crime comedy that takes place in a community in the year 1980, which sounds rather interesting, doesn’t it? He also stated that the film was mostly about comedy and that he hoped it would appeal to people from all walks of life. He expressed his hope that the film will be successful.

Chandu did a good job as a filmmaker, but as a screenwriter, he should have paid more attention to ensuring that the second part of the movie was not as monotonous. There are a few tracks by Prince Henry that are enjoyable to look at as well as listen to, and this artist creates solid music overall. The beauty of the film is enhanced even further by the score.

Pankaj Thottada deserves kudos for the excellent cinematography in this film. He captures the picturesque qualities of the town in vivid colour tones, which has a significant effect on the audience.

What’s the story of Annapurna Photo Studio

Chanti, who was born and raised in Kapileswarapuram, has a life that is uncomplicated but fulfilling. It is well known that Chanti’s father is an astrologer. He establishes a photography business and calls it the Annapurna Photo Studio, in honor of his mother.

But one day, Chanti and his friend Prasad see a goon following a girl, and they try to save her. However, Chanti ends up accidentally killing the goon in the process of saving the girl. Chanti is threatened with blackmail by a witness to the murder, and as a result, he is forced to kill a girl. Will Chanti attempt to kill her?

Cast & Crew of Annapurna Photo Studio

Chendu Muddu was in charge of making the Annapurna Photo Studio Movie, and Chaitanya Rao Madadi, Lavanya Sahukara, Yash Rangineni, Vasu Inturi, Uttara Reddy, Mihirah, Viva Raghav, Lalith Aditya, Krishna Mohan, and Ramana were all in it.

Pankaj Tottada was in charge of the movie’s photography, and D Venkata Prabhu was in charge of its editing. Ben Studious was in charge of making the movie, and Prince Henry wrote the music and background sound.

Annapurna Photo Studio OTT Release Date

The character of lead actor that Chaitanya Rao performed in the online series 30 Weds 21 is largely responsible for his rise to fame. His act received a lot of praise after the series was uploaded to YouTube. In the years prior to that, he had directed films such as “Howaa,” which was released in 2019, “Guvva Gorinka,” which was released in 2020, and “Thimmarusu,” which was released in 2021 and was directed by Satya Dev.

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Since 30 Weds 21 was released, he has been getting fantastic offers, but he is selective about where he wants to work. Recently, he appeared in a significant role in a film titled “Mukhachitram,” which was directed by Gangadhar, who is best known for directing “Cinema Bandi.”

Vasista was cast in the role of the lead character, while Sandeep Raj, who works at Colour Photo, was the writer of the story. Chaitanya Rao was favourably received by critics, despite the fact that audiences were not enthusiastic about the film.

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