Aneethi OTT release date: When and where to watch this psychological thriller starring Arjun Das, Dushara Vijayan

Movie fans were thrilled when Arjun Das stated that he would be playing the lead role in Vasanthabalan’s upcoming film ‘Aneethi.’ Arjun Das is well known for his performance in the film ‘Kaithi,’ in which he delivered an outstanding performance. The film was marketed as a thriller, and Dushara Vijayan was cast in the role of the film’s protagonist.

The film was met with a variety of reactions from audiences and critics alike, with some aspects of the movie earning positive feedback. After directing “Jail” nearly two years prior to this production, Vasanthabalan made his directorial comeback with this endeavor. Additionally, it was the first film that Arjun has worked on this year.

Aneethi OTT Release Date

Aneethi is all set to be premiered on 15 September 2023 on Aha Tamil & Amazon Prime Video.

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Although the screenplay addressed these difficulties, there were some areas where it fell short. Nevertheless, the movie was praised for serving as Vasanthabalan’s admirable comeback and demonstrating his aptitude for tackling significant societal issues. On IMDb, the movie garnered an 8/10 rating.

Aneethi is the next movie that will be made available to stream on Aha and Amazon Prime Video. The date September 15, 2023 has been set for the release of Aneethi ott on both Aha and Amazon Prime Video. You can view the movie for free if you have an Aha and Amazon Prime Video subscription.

When and Where to Watch Aneethi

You can watch this psychological thriller drama on Aha Tamil & Amazon Prime Video from 15 September 2023.

Some critics and viewers acknowledged Aneethi’s appeal for justice on behalf of the common man, but others gave it mixed reviews. Reviewers praised the movie for its aesthetically arresting style, exploration of topics of capitalist exploitation and the effects of consumer culture on common people, and insightful social criticism.

Aneethi, the director’s most recent film, was inspired by his unhappiness with the way the world seems. Overall, the plot is sound and straightforward. Although entertaining at first, the movie gradually succumbs to the traps that serial killer movies are known for and turns out to be predictable.

This thriller and the director’s earlier thrillers share a lot of parallels. The movie’s professional issue that develops into a personal one and its resolution don’t feel as organic as they did in the director’s previous efforts.

Aneethi is a well-rounded and interesting piece of art thanks to several improvements in the story and execution over the director’s previous movie.

What’s the story of Aneethi

Thiru (Arjun Das), a food delivery kid in Chennai, has a sort of OCD that makes him want to kill almost everyone he comes into contact with on a regular basis. He meets Subbulakshmi (Dushara Vijayan) while making a delivery to a wealthy neighborhood. Their friendship develops into love, and it heals him.

However, Subbu is not who she seems to be, and when the elderly matriarch of the wealthy family (Shantha Dhananjeyan) passes away suddenly, catastrophe strikes in the lives of both young people, completely destroying whatever hope they may have had. What occurs next builds to a gripping and moving climax where the filmmaker’s powerful message is firmly hammered home.

Cast & Crew of Aneethi

Vasanthabalan wrote and directed this movie. M. Krishna Kumar, Murugan Gnanavel, Varadharajan Manickam, and Vasanthabalan himself produced it under the name of Urban Boyz Studios. In Aneethi, the main parts are played by Arjun Das and Dushara Vijayan.

Aneethi OTT release date

A. M. Edwin Sakay was in charge of the camera work, and Ravikumar cut the picture. G. V. Prakash Kumar is the person who wrote the song. S Pictures is in charge of the rights to sell and show the movie.

Arjun Das, known for his villainy in ‘Kaithi’ and ‘Vikram’, plays a grim protagonist in ‘Aneedhi’. He plays Thiru well, portraying his condition, slowly falling in love, and erupting under emotional pressure. He proved his worth by turning from a monster to a vulnerable son in his closing moments.

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Dushara Vijayan’s excellent histrionics again create a misleading character. Her transformation from privileged girl to maid to caring lover to betrayer and selfish opportunity is intriguing. Kaali Venkat plays the innocent father of the tragic hero again with great success. He has perfected the Nellai dialect this time, and he is a genius actor of our time.

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