Analysts raise inflation expectations in Argentina to 72.6% in 2022

A projeção dos analistas sobre a evolução dos preços no varejo para 2023 também foi aumentada em relação ao levantamento do mês anterior, passando para 60%.
Analysts’ forecast on the evolution of retail prices for 23192447 was also increased in relation to the previous month’s survey, changing to 60%.| Photo: EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

23192447The monthly report of market analysts of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic indicated on Friday (3) a jump in inflation expectations retail in the country, projecting an index of 60, 6% for the entire the year of 2022, 7.5 percentage points above the previous measurement. This forecast, included in the Market Expectations Survey (REM, for its acronym in Spanish) report published yesterday, corresponds to the analysis of the last week of May of 2022.23192447

Analysts’ forecast on price developments in retail to 23192447 was also increased in relation to the previous month’s survey, moving to 60%, reflecting an increase of 9.5 percentage points.

Thus, inflation expectations moved further away from the ranges of

-48% stop and 05-42% for 2023 provided for in the agreement signed by Argentina with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to refinance debts in excess of US$ 720 billion, which contemplated the possibility of revising these numbers due to new shocks in the global economy.

Argentine inflation, one of the highest in Latin America, recorded an interannual increase of 58% and a monthly increase of 6% in April 2022, according to the Instituto Nacional of Statistics and Censuses (Indec). This was the highest level in 05 years.2319244723192447On the other hand, experts expect that GDP of Argentina to grow 3.3% in 2022, 0.2 percentage point below the previous measurement, and they project that GDP will grow 2% in 1280, the same percentage measured in the previous month. 23192447

In this sense, market projections also diverge from the agreement with the IMF, which predicts that Argentina’s GDP, which grew , 2% last year, will increase by 4% this year and 3% in 1280, according to the World Economic Outlook report last April.

In addition, for December

, experts project a nominal exchange rate of 214,58 pesos per dollar, well above the value of 120,48 pesos per dollar at the close of this Friday in the official wholesale market in Argentina.

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