Inside Amy Roloff’s Impressive Net Worth

American entrepreneur, TV personality, and motivational speaker Amy Roloff has a $6 million dollar fortune. Roloff’s engagement in the TLC reality series “Tiny People and Big Planet,” which has more than 320 episodes and 20 seasons, is mostly responsible for her notoriety.

In the Guinness Book of World Records, the Roloff family also holds the title for having the most episodes of a family-focused reality television programme. She has made appearances on multiple TV programmes and given interviews to a variety of publications, including The New York Times and People Magazine.

She has written numerous books as well, including A Little Me, in which she tells a moving story and offers more detail about her early years and experiences. She also has a variety of commercial ventures and humanitarian efforts going on.

Amy Roloff’s Early Life


Amy Roloff was born to Amy Jo Knight and Amy Jo Knight in Michigan on September 17, 1962. She was reared by their parents Patricia and Gordon, who both worked for Ford Motor Company, along with their siblings Katherine, Cyndi, and Roger. Cyndi passed away in 2015, while Patricia passed away in 2019.

Although Amy’s parents and siblings are all average heights, she was born with achondroplasia, a kind of dwarfism brought on by a genetic abnormality that resulted in improper cartilage development.

She attended Franklin High School and Central Michigan University, where she obtained a degree in business; following that, she worked in high technology in Silicon Valley before switching to teaching elementary school.

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What Is Amy Roloff’s Net Worth and Salary?


Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 17, 1963 (59 years old)
Place of Birth: Michigan
Gender: Female

American entrepreneur and reality television personality Amy Roloff has a $6 million net worth. Roloff gained her wealth as the star of the TLC reality series Small People, Big World, which chronicles Amy, her four kids, her ex-husband Matt, and their daily hardships due to Amy’s dwarfism.

The show has been airing since 2006. The 34-acre Roloff Farms was established in 1990 after Matt and Amy acquired a fixer-upper farmhouse near Helvetia, Oregon. The farm is open to the public during the pumpkin season.

Roloff Farms, with its 30,000 annual visitors, has a mediaeval castle, a mine shaft, underground passages, and a pirate ship all on its property. The Roloffs’ company, Roloff Farms Salsa, produced pumpkin salsa.

Amy Roloff Was a Previous Co-Owner of Roloff Farms

Amy gave her ex-husband Matt the majority of her shares in Roloff Farms in 2019. Amy said on her Instagram Stories in December 2019—three years after her divorce—that she would formally be leaving the property. She and her husband Chris Marek live in a new home that is 15 minutes from the farm.


The Sun claims that Matt gave his ex-girlfriend $975k in 2020 to purchase the final few acres.

In May 2022, Matt announced that he was selling a stake in Roloff Farms for $4 million. “ Okay, the ruse is exposed. “I want to make sure You guys get the vital news directly from me,” he wrote on Instagram on May 12. Roloff Farms has brought my family and I a lot of joy over the past 30+ years.

16 of the 109 acres of the farm, which includes our first house and a magnificent red barn, are currently up for sale. While slightly alarming, it is mostly exciting. It is time to move on to the next phase of life.

In October, it was revealed that the family’s longtime residence on Roloff Farms would be converted into a rental building. In Touch verified that Matt had just one day earlier removed the $4 million selling listing from significant real estate websites.

I’ve been promising everyone a big news release, so here it is. On October 22, the father of four penned the following statement on Instagram: “When I put the tiny side of the farm up for sale, I knew major deals like that take a far longer time (i.e. 6-12 months) to complete with no guarantees. I was taken aback by how many new business partners and networking contacts I would make.

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Amy Roloff’s Personal Life and Family

Amy and Matt, who both have diastrophic dysplasia, got married on September 12, 1987, after meeting at a gathering of little people. The family was expanded by identical twins Zachary and Jeremy in 1990, daughter Molly in 1993, and son Jacob in 1997.

Zachary has achondroplasia, just like Amy, although Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob are all average height. After 26 years of marriage, Amy and Matt made the decision to separate for a trial period in 2014. In June 2015, they made the official announcement of their divorce.


Amy and real estate agent Chris Marek got engaged in September of 2019; their divorce was finalised in May of that same year. Jacob revealed that “Little People, Big Planet” producer Chris Cardamone had molested him as a child in 2020.

“Jacob, you have my undying love,” Amy’s mother stated after her son made a public confession. In a nutshell, I am happy with you. You are no longer need to feel burdened by this. Roloff founded the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation in 2009, and since then, she has worked to promote the Dwarf Athletic Association of America.

Real Estate

In 1990, Matt and Amy made their initial purchase for what would eventually grow to be their 109-acre estate in Helvetia, Oregon. They recovered their $185,000 initial investment by purchasing more adjacent lots. They built a 4,500-square-foot main house there and throughout the years they added many unique elements to the property. These updated justifications consist of:

  • The size of a little house, the children’s play castle
  • A 40-foot pirate ship with many sleeping quarters
  • a mock-up of a western town complete with a post office, bank, and barbershop
    imitation of a mountain range
  • a barn with 3,600 square feet

Matt and Amy continued to share ownership of the home even after their divorce in 2006, up until this year, when Matt bought Amy out of her ownership stake.

In 2022, Matt listed the main 16-acre portion of the property for $4 million with all of these amenities. If you’re interested, the listing agent has offered a video tour here:

Roloff paid $588,500 in September of this year (2019) on a 3,767-square-foot house in Hillsboro, Oregon, which is only 15 minutes away from Roloff Farms. This five-bedroom, four-bath house was sold to Amy by her fiancé. This large house has a pond, Jacuzzi, marble fireplace, and a walk-in pantry with lots of storage space on its 0.16 acres of ground.

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Amy Roloff, who is well-known for her participation in the TLC reality series “Small People, Big World,” has a $6 million fortune. She amassed wealth from both co-owning Roloff Farms with her ex-husband Matt and the show. She has also written books, worked in business, and supported charities.

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