Amigos OTT release date: When and where to watch this action drama starring Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath

After a lengthy absence, Kalyan Ram was relieved to learn that the game Bimbisara had become a huge success. He is now preparing for a brand new experimental film that is going to be titled “Amigos.” The title is memorable, and the very first picture has been made available. Rajendra Reddy is going to try his hand at directing for the very first time with this film, which is being produced by Mythri Cinema Makers. Despite this, it appears that Kalyan Ram is trying something new with his career with Amigos.

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Amigos OTT Release Date

Kalyan Ram’s Amigos is all set to have its ott release and it will be premiered on 01 April 2023 on Netflix.

The action comedy, which was produced by Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar under the brand of Mythri Movie Makers and released in theatres on February 10, 2023, did not receive the same reception as the actor’s previous film, despite the fact that it was released under the same name.

In reference to the film’s digital debut, it should be noted that Netflix has bought the post-theatrical digital rights to the movie. The date of the film’s digital release, April 1, 2023, has been confirmed by the platform at this point.

When and Where to Watch Amigos

You can watch this action drama on Netflix from 01 April 2023.

Kalyan Ram is in complete control of the show throughout its entirety. Because he appears in virtually every shot of the movie, Kalyan Ram has been given a disproportionately large amount of screen time. Playing three different roles at once is not an easy task, but Kalyan Ram has pulled it off with ease. While playing roles of this nature, it is essential for an actor to demonstrate a range of emotions and expressions, and Kalyan Ram’s performance was nothing short of brilliant. Without a doubt, Kalyan Ram gives one of his most impressive performances in Amigos. The actor exhibits cold-bloodedness in his role as Michael, naiveté as Manjunath, and subtlety in his role as Siddharth.

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The second half of the movie moves at a slightly breakneck pace, although it does contain a few entertaining moments overall. The tension between the antagonist and the protagonist’s family is skillfully brought to the fore in this scene. The scenes that come up in this regard are expertly stitched together and are fairly intriguing.

What’s the story of Amigos

Siddharth, played by Kalyan Ram and residing in Hyderabad, is utterly enthralled by the idea of doppelgangers (lookalikes). He keeps looking for people that resemble him, and much to his astonishment, he finds not just one but two people who fit the description (Manjunath Hegde & Michael). Soon, the three will come face to face, and Siddharth will enlist the assistance of the other two in order to win Ishika (Ashika Ranganath) over to his side.

Siddharth and Manjunath are taken aback when they learn about a previously unseen side of Michael while everything is going swimmingly. Who exactly is this Michael person? What is the story behind him? After learning about Michael, Siddharth, and Manjunath engaged in the following activities: The solutions can be found in the movie.

Cast & Crew of Amigos

Kalyan Ram owns the entire production. Kalyan Ram appears in nearly every shot of the film, hence he has received a disproportionate amount of screen time. Playing three different characters is a challenge, but Kalyan Ram has accomplished it with ease. Kalyan Ram’s performance was outstanding because of his ability to switch between roles brilliantly. When it comes to Kalyan Ram’s acting chops, Amigos is up there with his best. As Michael, he is harsh and unfeeling, as Manjunath, he is naive and he displays subtlety in his role as Siddharth.

Amigos OTT release date

It is unexpected to see Ghibran produce art of such low quality as this. In order to maximize the effect, greater attention and care should have been paid to the background score. Both the cinematography, which was done by Soundar Rajan, and the production values are of high quality. The artisans didn’t cut any corners when it came to the product’s quality.

There was a lot of room for improvement in the editing, and the entire first half required a lot of adjustments. About the film’s first-time director, Rajendra Reddy, I would say that he did an adequate job with it overall. He was successful in picking up on an interesting subject, and his casting was also absolutely spot on. The problems with the writing, though, were a distraction. Due to the subpar storyline, a movie that otherwise had the potential to be a really good thriller ended up being nothing more than an average film.

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The film comes across as a commercial entertainer featuring action, humor, and some fan service despite its experimental nature. One such example is the song “Enno ratrulu vastai…”, a remake of a hit by Nandamuri Balakrishna from the film Dharma Kshetram. It’s funny and draws applause, but it doesn’t do anything to advance the plot.

The way Kalyan Ram portrayed the villainous Bipin in the film sets it apart from the rest. When more of Bipin’s history as the Indian Pablo Escobar is exposed, the story grows more intriguing and suspenseful. Yet, despite a few exciting moments, the film’s last act drags a bit. It would have been beneficial to have had more interaction.

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