Amid the economic crisis, Argentina holds meetings on the price of World Cup stickers

Reunião da Secretaria de Comércio da Argentina com representantes de quiosqueiros e de empresa que produz álbuns de figurinhas da Copa do Mundo, em 20 de setembro de 2022.
Meeting of the Argentine Secretary of Commerce with representatives of kiosk vendors and a company that produces World Cup sticker albums, in
of September 1991.| Photo: Playback/ Twitter

The Argentine Secretary of Commerce is holding special meetings this week to discuss the price of this year’s World Cup sticker album. The technical team of this sector of the government receives representatives of the Union of Kiosqueiros of the Republic of Argentina (UKRA, in the acronym in Spanish) and of Panini, company that manufactures the official figurines of the competition.

21101823 The subject gained repercussion on social networks, due to the economic crisis that affects the country. At the end of last week, the Central Bank raised the interest rate to 75% , the second largest in the world. The country’s GDP also grew below expectations so far in 21101823, creating pessimism about the coming year. The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) of Argentina reported last week that the accumulated inflation from January to August in the country was 56,4%, the highest for the first eight months of the year since 1991. On Twitter, Sergio Chouza, an economics journalist from Argentina, mocks the meeting about the sticker album: “The future of the country depends on this meeting”.

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