AMFI has listed six stocks, including Yes Bank, in the large cap category, with a significant 76.38 percent stake in BSE’s capitalization. | AMFI includes six shares including Yes Bank in the Largecaps category, Largecaps hold 76.38% in BSE Marketcap

Gujarati NewsBusinessAMFI has listed six stocks, including Yes Bank, in the Largecap category, with a significant 76.38 percent share in the BSE market.

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Bombay 4 days ago

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The MFI mutual fund association has released a new classification based on the market capitalization of companies. It includes six scrips, including Yes Bank and Adani Enterprises, in the large capsule. This change will take effect over the next six months. According to this classification, mutual fund companies must prepare equity fund plans.

According to the SEBI rule, Indian mutual fund companies must rank companies every six months. In terms of market capitalization, the top 100 companies are placed in the large cap, followed by 250 companies in the mid-cap and the rest in the small-cap. More importantly, the number of large cap companies is 100. But their share in the total market capitalization is 76.38%. While 250 mid-sized companies represent 15.41 percent of BSE’s total market capitalization.

Largecap includes 6 companies

The six new companies included in the large cap category include Yes Bank, Glend Pharma, Adani Enterprises, PI Industries, Jubilant Foodworks and Hindustan Agro. United Breweries, GIC of India, Bank of Baroda and Max Healthcare. Promotions from Smallcap to Midcap, Bombay Burma, Suven Pharma, P&G Healthcare, Granules India and Persistent Systems.

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