All power emanates from the people lol

“All power emanates from the people”, says the Constitution of 1988 in one of its most cynical moments. It’s not the only one, unfortunately. Although the constituent, imbued with the naivety typical of that time, could never have foreseen that one day the Federal Supreme Court would become what we have today. At mother Joana’s house, as the now federal deputy Deltan Dallagnol said – and was censored -.

One thing leads to another (always) and, when I found myself, I was here thinking that the late Constitution of 1988 really needs to be rewritten. Less in the minutiae and in the idea of ​​a provider State – for me, a “CTRL + T” and then “Delete” would solve this problem. I am referring to the, shall we say, philosophical part of the Constitution.

Like the one I mentioned at the beginning of the text and which says that “all power emanates from the people”. Why does the Constitution have to insist on this lie? Perhaps I would respect the Magna Carta more if it were at least sincere. “All power emanates from the elite. The people who swallow!” it would be a lot more honest, if a little rude. “All power emanates from the STF. Who, modestly, will say no, imagine!” would be nice too. “All power emanates from Minister Alexandre de Moraes. At least until 2043. Then we’ll see what happens” wouldn’t be too bad either.

E piriri e will stop. No! Let’s stop here with the criticism of the Magna Carta. Because it occurs to me now that we may have the world’s first ironic constitution. We, the Brazilians of the Paulo Freire generation, do not understand. In this case, editing is easy. As Brazil is the country that it is, I suggest that immediately open a tender for the creation of a citizen symbol for this most noble figure of speech called Irony. Or Antiphrase – look how chic! Although there are simpler and cheaper solutions. “All power emanates from the people. Kkkk” already does the job, doesn’t it?


Yeah, that’s right! We have the first ironic Constitution in the world and only Alexandre de Morais noticed it. I told you the guy was a genius! Temer said he was a great constitutionalist! There are journalists who say that he does what he does to defend democracy! The same goes for Cármen Lúcia – who, after all, is a stylist who went around pouring fine irony into all the “historical” decisions she made. “Shut up is dead,” she said a few years ago, condemning any form of prior censorship. Only the kkkk was missing.

I owe, therefore, an apology for all the texts I wrote about the STF, TSE and any other institutions and their members whose ironic understanding of the law and reality I , in my stupidity, I criticized. Or mocked, because no one is made of iron. After all, all items in Articles 5 and 220 were conceived in the most subtle of ironies. We don’t realize it!

But, at the risk of sounding repetitive and repetitive and repetitive and repetitive, I repeat that we are just in this situation ironically embarrassing because the constituents (Lula among them) lacked the astuteness of, alongside the most important articles, including any symbol that would indicate the playful character of the constitutional text. A yellow-green asterisk, perhaps. One lol, one hehehe. Or, come on, even a wink ;-).

“Deputies and Senators are inviolable, civilly and criminally, for any of their opinions, words and votes. Hahahaha”. See how it works, Daniel Silveira? “All are equal before the law, hehehehe”. Or, my favorite right now: “The expression of intellectual, artistic, scientific and communication activities is free, regardless of censorship or license ;-)”.


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