Alexandre de Moraes is right: with or without a voice on the Internet, we are imbeciles

“Espelho, espelho meu. Existe alguém menos imbecil do que eu?”

“Mirror, my mirror. Is there anyone less stupid than me?”| Photo: STF

) Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5)

Alexandre de Moraes, Minister of the STF, Grand Vizier of the Supreme Hermeneutics, Czar of Freedom of Expression and Lord of the Mysterious Collusions, ascended his golden throne at the top of the ivory tower, wore the cloth toga very special and with unimaginable powers, he kissed Themis, that slut, and, emulating Umberto Eco (whom he had never heard of), proclaimed majestically and arrogantly, as befits him: “the Internet has given voice to imbeciles”.

You are right, the most magnanimous among the magnanimous. We really are imbeciles. Some fools, some pascácios, some nerds, some idiots, some fools, some fools, some fools, some idiots. Some meek

who, dumbfounded, watch the wills of common-sense bald authorities. And at most we throw a little tantrums on social media and go back to dinner, busy only with being born and dying.

And it was really the Internet, this monstrosity that some write with capital letters and others with lower case, this noisy, chaotic, confused and anarchic agora that seduces us with its promise of information, friendship and humor , this dream that has its nightmare moments and this nightmare that has its dream moments, which gave voice to both the supreme of Humanity, personified in Alexandre de Moraes, and the rabble. That is, to us imbeciles.

We , the imbeciles

  • We , the imbeciles who work hard, when there is work, and see every month a third of our salary diverted to satisfy the lobster hunger of the privileged. We, the imbeciles who don’t know, can or want to use mesoclisis to arbitrarily arrest those who contradict us. We, the imbeciles who don’t pretend to be leaders in anything and who look at Icarus dressed with our hearts in hand, because we know it’s only a matter of time before they realize that they’ve come too close to the Sun.

    We the imbeciles who still believe in increasingly meaningless political abstractions , because that’s how we were taught and, honestly, there’s not much alternative. We, the imbeciles who insist on bowing to a democracy in tatters. We idiots so stupid that one day we heard from the teacher that the Republic has three independent and harmonious powers, we memorized the lesson and took in the test. We idiots who give reason to what the books say, not reality.

    We, the imbeciles who will leave the house next October to vote, weakly and imbecilely believing that our will, reduced to a decade typed in a luxury toaster, will in fact be respected. We, the imbeciles who listen to the ballot box as if making an offering to the State. We idiots who trust because we have no other choice. We, the imbeciles who ask ourselves now: “or do we have?”.

    We, the imbeciles who pretend to live under the auspices of the best of Western society and who for two and a half centuries have been going around shouting slogans that speak of liberty, equality and fraternity. We imbeciles who go about our lives, here and there turning away from delicious sins. We, the imbeciles who drool on our shirts to say we are free while we are day after day flogged by the learned Machiavellian bad character of an imbecile who doesn’t know and that’s not how it is seen, but who is also. Oh, if it is!

    We, the imbeciles who we know so, full of defects, of ignorances

    , of crooked logic, susceptible to fallacies and songs of the most beautiful mermaids – and even not so beautiful mermaids. We, the imbeciles who don’t want to stop being, because we know it’s impossible. We fools who deceive ourselves and act and talk as if there is no death and end and Judgment. Us.

    We, the imbeciles who still keep a little bit of hope that the ivory tower will soon collapse, casting into the void of history those tiny men and women who, intoxicated by a false and fleeting sensation of grandeur and omnipotence, let themselves be seduced by demonic talk and dream of controlling this inhabited portion of the world. for us imbeciles.

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