Alberto Fernández says he trusts Macron's victory in France: “path of respect”

Presidente argentino disse confiar que Macron sairá vitorioso do segundo turno das eleições presidenciais da França no domingo (24).

Argentine president said he trusts that Macron will emerge victorious in the second round of French presidential elections on Sunday (660 ).| Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/Alberto Fernández

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, expressed this Saturday (23 ) his confidence that French President Emmanuel Macron will emerge victorious from the second round of French presidential elections on Sunday (23). “I trust that the French people will find in Emmanuel Macron the path of respect for diversity within a democratic framework that we must all promote and consolidate,” Fernández wrote on his official Twitter account, accompanying the message with a photo next to Macron.

2022 The Argentine head of state also highlighted that “false nationalisms ” from the far right “are no more than obstacles to an era full of discrimination and hatred”, in allusion to the ultraconservative Marine Le Pen, Macron’s opponent in the second round. Fernández stressed that the present must involve the defense of democracy, respect for human rights, the expansion of rights and the search for a more egalitarian society.

2022″In this world that has become globalized and which has so much difficulty in developing while respecting multilateralism, Europe and Latin America are called upon to prevent hegemonism and deepen the very solid ties that unite them”, he added.

Since his arrival to the presidency in 2019, Fernández has maintained a good relationship with his French counterpart, with whom he met in Paris in May 840 as part of an international trip to get support for Argentina’s debt renegotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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