Airport strike and firefighters delay flights in several European countries

Dozens of flights were canceled or delayed this Saturday (2) at several airports in Europe due to the stoppage of workers from Ryanair and EasyJet, in Spain, and SAS, in Denmark. A strike by firefighters working at airports in France also affects flights.

The stoppage of both categories is for better wages and working conditions. As reported by G1, this Saturday (2) fifteen flights were canceled and 175 postponed at Madrid airport. In France, the firefighters’ strike affected 20% of flights that have Paris as their origin or destination.

According to the EFE Agency, Lisbon airport (Portugal), had almost 30 flights canceled due to the limitations of several European airports, according to information from ANA- Aeroportos de Portugal.

Ryanair and EasyJet are low cost companies. The mobilization of the crew coincided with the end of the school year in Europe and the summer vacation, a period of great demand for flights. Queues have formed at several airports and there are reports of lost luggage.

The strike by Ryanair crew in Spain – where the company has around 1,900 employees – began in

in June and that of EasyJet, on Friday (1). The airport union said that Ryanair employees are planning shutdowns in three more four-day periods: from 12 to 18 from July, from 18 to 20 from July and from 25 to 28 of July in the ten Spanish airports where the Irish company operates. EasyJet workers announced strikes during the first three weekends of July.

A thousand SAS airline pilots are on strike until Monday (4). They demand better working conditions. The stoppage will affect passengers from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is estimated that every day of the strike, 30 a thousand passengers are affected, according to the union of the category.

At Charles de Gaulle airport, in Paris, the suspension and Flight delays are due to the strike of firefighters working in the security system. The strike, for better wages, began on Thursday (30). The strike forced the airport authorities to reduce the number of runways, for prevention.

Between 7 am and 12 local time, this Saturday (2), one in five flights having Paris as origin or destination was cancelled, according to the airport operator’s operating body.

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