Agents find explosive in region visited by Colombian president

Police and security for the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia found an explosive device in an area close to the municipality of Ituango, where President Gustavo Petro participated in an act.

“Security forward who was checking the nearby area found the explosive with the help of a sniffer dog”, explained the president’s team to Agência Efe.

“The dogs tested affirmatively for an explosive situation. To ensure and provide greater security in the area, a counter-load is activated so that, if there is another explosive, it is under control and handled in a controlled manner,” said Antioquia Police Commander Colonel Daniel Mazo.

The police had already detonated the device, located just one kilometer from the Ituango City Hall, which left no one injured, shortly after Petro arrived in the municipality, located in the department of Antioquia.

The president was participating in an event organized by the Senate Peace Commission, led by the senator from the ruling Pacto Histórico party, which proposed visiting the 60 municipalities most affected by the Colombian conflict.

So far, it is not known who installed the artifact, although in this municipality, which is located in a strategic drug trafficking corridor, there is the presence of several armed groups, including dissidents from the FARC and the paramilitary Clã do Golfo, who in previous years caused episodes

This incident comes just three days after another Petro outpost was attacked by unknown people with rifle fire in a rural area of ​​Teorama municipality on the way to El Tarra, in the troubled region of Catatumbo, on the border with Venezuela.

Official information states that the attack took place in a sector known as San Pablo, where six armed men had installed an illegal checkpoint, which the caravan ignored it, which is why the outpost’s three vehicles were “impacted with firearms”.

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