Against the crisis, Soul Botequim expands the space and the offer of drinks – Full glass

To say that 2020 has been difficult for some sectors is to rain in the rain. But for bars, the Covid-19 pandemic was practically a horror movie. Many closed, including very traditional addresses. Many have managed to maintain a delivery service, but have had to cut staff and other costs. However, in the midst of sad news, some places have achieved the feat of expanding space, such as in the case of Soul Botequim.

Located in the Brooklin area (south of São Paulo), Soul has attached the neighboring house, significantly expanding its space. Now the taphouse is 350m² – more than doubled in size – and has the capacity to offer up to 28 beer taps (eight more than before). Soul focuses on national craft beers, with one exception or the other, in addition to having a draft beer with the house name on it.

The bar celebrated expanding its customer base beyond the neighborhood during the pandemic. “While we only served take out and delivery, people came from around and far away to get their growlers, which really supported us. And it is this support that motivates us to enlarge the house more and more, against the market, and to always bring more new and quality products ”, declares Humberto Ribeiro, founding partner of the house.

In addition to beers, Soul has a new drink menu and begins to invest more in natural wines, with the selection of sommelier Gabriela Monteleone. The whole thing will be accompanied by a new menu, in charge of gastronomic consultant Ligia Karazawa and chef Hugo Castelli, barbecue specialists.

Soul Botequim – Av. Pe. Antônio José dos Santos, 812, tel. 3297-0006, Cidade Monções, southern region. Orders by WhatsApp (11) 98392-7829; on and iFood or Rappi.

Humberto Ribeiro, Founding Partner of Soul Botequim – Disclosure

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