After negative repercussions, Boric goes back on the appointment of former student leader who accused the military

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, named this Tuesday (6th) as number two in the Ministry of the Interior the university professor of history and social sciences Nicolás Cataldo Astorga, former student leader linked to the Communist Party that has already starred in several controversies. However, due to the negative repercussion, the president retracted the nomination an hour later.

Soon after the confirmation of the nomination, members of the opposition and the local newspaper La Tercera rescued from social networks, mainly from Twitter, messages from Cataldo in 2011 in which he harshly criticized the military and accused them of infiltrating the protests, torturing and exceeding their powers. “Carbineers torturers, as in the worst times of the dictatorship”, he wrote in one of the messages.

One of the most critical of the appointment was the former Minister of Education Marcela Cubillos, who assured that “if this is In fact, the government decided to laugh in the face of the victims of violence and the southern macrozone”, alluding to the conflict with the Mapuche in the Araucanía region.

“I hope this appointment does not take place. If this person arrives at the undersecretary’s office, obviously all dialogue with the government will be frozen and this person will be declared persona non grata in Congress, he will not be able to enter committees, in the plenary ”, said the leader of the bench of the conservative Independent Democratic Union party. in the Chamber, Jorge Alessandri, to Canal 13.

The appointment of Cataldo Astorga was part of a restructuring of the cabinet, which had been planned for weeks, but that was accelerated after the landslide victory of the rejection in the mandatory referendum on the new text of the Constitution proposed by the criticized constituent commission.

The profound ministerial reform involved some of the most influential members of the government, including the holders of the Interior portfolios, Izkia Siches, and the Presidency, Giorgio Jackson, in addition to the political committee, the nucleus in which important decisions are taken at the Palácio de la Moneda.

As the new Minister of the Interior , Boric appointed Carolina Tohá, from the Center for Democracy (PPD). She is the daughter of José Tohá, first minister of the Interior in the government of deposed president Salvador Allende and one of the men who were repressed and imprisoned by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). As Minister of the Presidency, Boric chose Ana Lya Uriarte, from the Socialist Party.

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