Abraham Ozler OTT release date: When and where to watch this medical thriller starring Jayaram

One of the Malayalam films that is expected to be one of the most anticipated in 2024 is titled “Abraham Ozler,” and it stars Jayaram. Midhun Manuel Thomas, who is best known for directing the cult classic thriller ‘Anjaam Pathiraa’ produced in 2020, is the director of the film that will be released on January 11, 2024. The plot centers on Inspector Abraham Ozler and his crew as they start on a mission to secure the capture of two individuals who have committed serial killings. The mystery thriller was met with a variety of reactions from fans as well as critics, despite the fact that it featured a cast that was filled with famous actors. With that being said, many people praised it for having an interesting plot and considered it to be an intriguing thriller.

Abraham Ozler OTT Release Date 

Abraham Ozler is set to premiere on Hotstar on 20 March 2024.

Following a period of thirty days from its first release, the film Jayaram has amassed a total of forty-five crore rupees at the box office across the world. During the course of its theatrical run, the picture directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas has also achieved the distinction of becoming Jayaram’s highest-grossing solo feature from his whole career. It was the presence of Mammootty in the film that provided the second half of the film with the much-need push it required.

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Following the release of Premalu, Anweshippin Kandethum, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys, which all achieved a significant deal of popularity, Abraham Ozler was unable to prolong its theatrical run. It was still unavailable on over-the-top (OTT) platforms on January 12, which was more than a month after its initial release.

When and Where to Watch Abraham Ozler

You can watch this Crime thriller on 20 March 2024, on Hotstar.

The highly awaited Malayalam thriller titled “Abraham Ozler” recounts the journey of ACP Abraham Ozler, played by Jayaram, a veteran police investigator who is investigating a string of inexplicable hospital fatalities while also battling his own personal demons. The story is told in the style of a traditional murder mystery, with clues being introduced and a recurrent motif of leaving clues at crime scenes.

On January 11, 2024, the film “Abraham Ozler” had its debut in theaters, which sparked excitement among followers of the film industry. The movie was met with a variety of responses from spectators and critics, with some praising it for its captivating narrative while others criticizing it for the way it was executed. The film’s captivating storyline and superb performances garnered attention, despite the fact that it had a contradictory review.

Abraham Ozler Movie Story

The narrative centers around Abraham Ozler, a highly regarded law enforcement investigator, as he confronts a mysterious case that tests both his intellect and emotions. In the pursuit of a chilling serial murderer, Ozler’s quest for justice transforms into a profoundly personal experience that puts his fortitude to the test in the face of somber revelations. With the investigation gaining momentum, Ozler’s resolute resolve and selflessness depict an engrossing narrative of an unyielding quest for resolution and atonement.

Cast and crew of Abraham Ozler

Jayaram plays the main part in Midhun Manuel Thomas’ medical drama “Abraham Ozler.” The film, directed by Randheer Krishna and featuring background music by Midhun Mukundan, is notable for Megastar Mammootty’s unexpected appearance.

Jayaram returns to Malayalam cinema with this film, which is produced by Nerambokku under the direction of Irshad M Hassan and Midhun Manual Thomas after a year-long absence. In addition to Jayaram, the cast has important roles from Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Senthil Krishna, and Jagadeesh.

Abraham Ozler OTT Release Date

Jayaram, who has depicted numerous roles and has been in the industry for many years, does not require an introduction. In recent years, he has appeared in the majority of films produced in Telugu and Tamil. Abraham Ozler has returned with a Malayalam film following a lengthy absence. Jayaram was observed in the recent films Ponniyin Selvan and Ravanasura.

Jayaram is the producer of numerous films besides Abraham Ozler, including Kushi, Game Changer, SSMB28, and Ghost. The remaining cast members have not yet been disclosed by the filmmakers; however, sources indicate that they will divulge every detail. On social media, Jayaram expressed his enthusiasm for this film.

Although Jayaram has been releasing films consecutively, the majority of them have been commercial failures. In any case, his most recent film, Makal, was also a failure. I am hopeful that the success of this film, Abraham Ozler, will provide him with the confidence he needs to appear in numerous films as a protagonist.

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The producers have not disclosed much about the narrative, stating only that the movie is a medical thriller starring Abraham Ozler. Nevertheless, films with a medical setting are quite common, but I have no doubt that Midhun Manuel Thomas will create an original medical suspense.

Theni Eswar, a renowned cinematographer whose credits include Karnan, Puzhu, Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam, Paava Kadhaigal, and Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo, operated the camera. Awaiting its release, Mamannan, which features Udainidhi Stalin and Fahad Fazil, is in his sights. While composing music, Midhun Mukundan worked on films such as Garuda Gamana. Poovan, Vrishabha Vahana, and Rorschach.

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