Abortion clinic shuts down in US after leaving patients in critical condition

The Florida Health Administration Agency (AHCA) in the United States has closed American Family Planning Abortion Clinic, an American abortion and family planning in the small town of Pensacola. The emergency order was presented for non-compliance with safety protocols. According to the agency, two women were hospitalized in serious condition after having abortions in the second trimester of pregnancy.

One patient had to have her uterus removed

According to the complaints, in March of this year, a patient would have had bleeding after the intervention and the clinic staff determined that she should be sent to the hospital. When transfer professionals arrived to take her away, they documented that there were “large pools of blood on the floor”. The health agency’s order also cites that the patient was cold to the touch, had no detectable pulse, and had extremely low blood pressure.

At the hospital, she underwent emergency surgery. Documents reveal that the doctor found a “big hole in the left wall of the uterus and another on the right side”. The woman then underwent a complete hysterectomy (total removal of the uterus) and received 10 liters of blood to stabilize her.

Another patient needed to be resuscitated

In May, another patient was at the clinic for an abortion with 19 ) weeks into her pregnancy and, after receiving prep medication, was told to wait inside her car despite regulations requiring vital signs to be monitored in an exam room. Later, the patient’s procedure was interrupted when there was a possible rupture of the uterus.

The clinic advised her husband to take her to a hospital in another city. Arriving there, the medical team recorded that the woman had no blood pressure and the blood oxygen level was at 80%. She needed to be resuscitated and given a transfusion.

The clinic has been closed since last weekend

The clinic was closed last Saturday (21). The Florida health agency’s emergency order also revealed other complaints about the clinic: women with cervical lacerations and excessive blood loss from different parts of the body, as well as a doctor who admitted not knowing what emergency protocols were in place.

The clinic’s attorney, Julie Gallagher, told US radio station WUWF that “it should be noted that the AHCA suspension is based on two, and only two, patients of more than 100 thousand patients treated”. The American Family Planning Abortion Clinic and Gallagher did not respond to the newsroom’s request for an interview.

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