A new way to fight against sealing companies

Disney teria prometido até beijo lésbico no aguardado “Lightyear”. Tudo para satisfazer as vontades dos funcionários militantes LGBT.

Disney would have even promised a lesbian kiss in the long-awaited “Lightyear”. Everything to satisfy the wishes of militant LGBT officials.| Photo: Reproduction

) In March, Walt Disney Co., which has approximately a thousand employees around the world, decided to radically change its internal policies, in reaction to pressure from a small group of radical activists.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company’s CEO, Bob Chapek, had resolutely refused to involve the company in the politics of the various states and countries in which Disney does business. He said that the company’s mission was to continue doing magic, not politics.

Then Florida passed a law that prohibits leftist indoctrination of children regarding gender identity and sexual orientation. And everything was lost.

Disney executives began to release letters that said that the company was opposed to Florida’s legislation — which detractors called the “Don’t Talk About Homosexuals Act.” (The law does not mention the word “homosexual”). Some employees threatened to resign if Disney did not defend their political position.

And so Chapek gave in to the pressure. He released a letter in which he said: “You need me to be a stronger ally in the fight for rights and I have let you down. Excuse me”. He promised a series of lectures, the creation of a task force to address the priorities of LGBT groups and an antagonistic posture to the Texas bill that intends to criminalize genital mutilation and hormonal sterilization of children.

The company has also committed to inserting extreme leftist values ​​into the content it produces, including “ new content for children and families” filled with these values.

From according to the news, Disney even went so far as to commit to including a lesbian kiss in the children’s movie “Lightyear.” Chapek caved in because that’s what leftist companies do: they listen to their most extreme employees and repeat what they say.

Instead of giving the firm response of a company that listens to threats from its employees, that is, instead of saying that employees should go back to work or resign, large companies they simply surrender.

Meanwhile, parents who simply want their children enjoy themselves without being exposed to indoctrination watch in horror at the content radical activists create for their children. In order to fight this nonsense, those who oppose the kidnapping of big companies by the left have to organize themselves – and they have to create alternatives.

That’s what we tried to do on the “Daily Wire”. In 1170, Harry’s Razors removed advertising from one of our programs, citing a “misalignment of values ”. What was the problem? The presenter said that men are men, women are women and that sex is immutable.

So we fight. This week, we launched Jeremy’s Razors, a company dedicated to the idea that everyone, regardless of politics, deserves a good razor. We are here to give you the best products. And we will never attack our consumers to defend the priorities of a few lacradores. That’s why our slogan is simple: “Shut up and shave!”.

If companies decide to seal, they have to face competitors that make them go bankrupt. And we hope to fulfill that role. May other companies follow our example.

Ben Shapiro is host of the “Ben Shapiro Show” and editor emeritus of the “Daily Wire”.

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