14,400 resistances and 14,000 important support levels for Nifty | 14,400 resistances and 14,000 important support levels for Nifty

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Ahmedabad 40 minutes ago Author: Mahesh Trivedi

Booming stock markets where you have to ask yourself whether to sell, hold or buy a new one at the head of Copy Linkhall

Calendar year 2021 begins with an improvement of over 900 points in the Sensex as well as a historic high of 50,000 points. In addition to skipping the first barrier of the Nifty 14200, it is also ready to cross the second barrier of 14300 and head towards 14500. Banking-NBFC, IT-Technology, Pharma-Healthcare, CD (Consumer Durables) -CG (Capital Goods), Smallcap-Midcap all indices are booming. Ordinary investors find the excess bullish. But FIIs, HNIs, and market experts call it the start of a boom. The market has improved 16% from the January 2020 peak. So from the March 2020 low, there has been an increase of 43.99%. As the new year draws to a close, the uncertainty of the US election results is dispelled, with the collection of the GST at home on the menu. Economic data including PMI, service PMI gives positive indications.

The stock market is booming with the idea of ​​not selling, holding or buying a new one. What is the longest and uninterrupted rise in the history of the Indian stock markets. Those who are seated in the boom train from the first station. Most market experts think they can find and book some fundamentally sound techno-scrips. However, these rallies tend to be the hardest to negotiate. Because even after the sale, if the price increases by 20 to 30 percent, it will be settled. And 95% of 100 investors really use their sixth sense saying, buy, buy but can’t buy. He has to change the show according to the flow rather than changing the destination.

Yes, one thing to keep in mind is that if it stays in the law it will be to the same benefit, so stop or continue. Technical indicators: The market evolves indefinitely. Technically calculate resistance levels near 14400-14500 for Nifty. Below 14300-11450-14000 points to calculate important support levels. If it drops below, be aware that the pressure on profit bookings has started in the market. In which the Nifty could fall to 13,900. But at this stage, it would be imperative for traders to maintain a specific approach to stocks and stop the loss. The Sensex posted gains for the 10th consecutive week. The Sensex improved by 9169 points.

Sensex rises for 10 consecutive weeks

WeekendSense 29 Oct 396146 Nov 4189314 Nov 4363820 Nov 4388227 Nov 441504 Dec 4508011 Dec 4609918 Dec 44696124 Dec 469741 Jan 478698 Jan 48783

2077: Long-term stocks with stoploss
At the start of Vikram Samvat 2077, Dt. According to the last condition of the recommendation made by this column on November 27, the stock markets have only helped investors.

Buy Power Company 27 navechellotargetastopalosabhalamanaadani 3825535570/7544 / jalavobharati 463 540 575 512 Maintenance / ICICI473542550495 Maintain Buy / kharidoindasainda 8499391500875 Maintain / kharidoatisi 194201280195 Maintain / 1116137315001160 kharidolarsana Buy / Hold jalavoesabiai 244286350257/193204225190 kharidopavaragrida Maintain / kharidohinda Maintain copper 41.4567.555557.5 / Buy

Note: The recommendation here is for reference only. Please make a final decision based on research and expert advice.

Shares to keep in mind during the week
Adani Power, Hindustan Copper, Meghmani Organics, Tata Power, Tata Steel, Tata Motor, Cadila Healthcare, PNB, Godrej Properties
Indian Bank (last: 87.10, goal: 112)
Ahluwalia Contracts (last: 264.10, goal: 330)

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